Monday, November 21, 2005

Harry Potter, Turkey Trot, and more

So on Friday, before going to the opening of the new Harry Potter movie, my mother and I went to a memorial service for her mentor. Apparently, this man taught my mother a lot about people of color, and how to encourage students who by most considered to not really have any chance of a good future. It was kind of neat because it brought up a lot of memories for my mother that I had never heard before. It helped explain a bit how my mother got to be who she is today. Also, I met all of these people who I don't remember because they new me when I was baby. One of these people was my first pediatrician, who actually might end up being one of my attendings during my third year. I also got to see me godmother, who I haven't seen since before I started undergrad and was ecstatic to see.
After that, my mother and I went to dinner then off to Harry Potter. Now we made a big mistake and only got there about 15 minutes before the show started (I had purchased tickets early that morning). We really didn't have any expectations of sitting together, but when we got there, no seats were available. We got the usher and he refused to ask people to move coats until after to movie started. I was a bit ticked off. Why would you wait to ask people to move their coats until after the show started? That was totally beyond me. We did get seated together in the very first row. I think that they forgot a couple of important things - I wonder how they are going to deal with that in later movies. Besides that, I really liked the movie.
Saturday I went to an anatomy review and babysat - nothing terribly out of the ordinary there.
Sunday morning, Chris and I ran our first Turkey Trot. It was a 10K and the furthest I have ever run. It was in a suburb of Chicago - and because it was a pretty small suburb, we were zigzagging up and down the residential streets. It looked as if they were trying to show off all of the houses that were for sale because it seemed like there were at least 3 houses for sale or under new construction. I am happy that we did it though. We ran at a pace that was pretty good for me too. The next obstacle is the half marathon, and then the marathon - as long as no major injuries occur.
That evening - I had sushi for the 2nd time. The first time was this past New Year's Eve and I had gotten sick. This time though, we asked them to just put the wasabi on the side rather than on every piece and I had a much better experience. I would definitely eat it again. It was kind of odd though because Chris and I were the only ones eating there the entire time we were there. The only people that came were for carry out. It was an interesting phenomenon.
This week, I will be heading to Little Rock and be spending Thanksgiving with Chris's family. I then come back to Chicago for my first final on Monday. I then have another exam on Friday, one on Monday, then finals on that Wednesday and Friday. Then I am off to Florida with my mom to spend time with my great aunt and my mom's cousins for the weekend. I then come back to two more finals on Monday and Wednesday then finally 2.5 weeks of winter break. Needless to say I have a busy few weeks coming up. I'll write again when I finally come up for air.


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