Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Running 2 5K's

I am doing my first 5K's ever! (It was big accomplishment this summer that I am now able to run more than a mile without stopping.) Both of these races are for causes that raise money for issues that important to me and to my family - Education and Breast Cancer. The first race is for the United Negro College Fund the second the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, If you are at all able, I would greatly appreciate a contribution. Even $5 will mean the world to me. I only have goals of $100 per race because they are so soon, and because I hate asking for money. This racing thing is something that I am planning to add regularly, so please feel free to pick and choose causes that are dear to you. Donations for both of these races are tax-decutible.
As a side note, fundraising is not a requirement, this is just something additional that I am choosing to do. If you know of anyone who might be willing to donate, please pass this information along.

Want to donate or help? Simply go to the link below:

United Negro College Fund Chicago 22nd Annual Walk-Run-Bike-Skate-a-thon

Chicago Race for the Cure (Komen)

Friday, August 26, 2005


So I am currently stuck in bed ith bronchitis. Additionally, the cough medicin I was give has codeine, so I am not allowed to drive. Fun time huh? Of course, this is all occuring during my second real week of medical school so I already feel behind. Unfortunately I think it means much of this weekend will be spent studying. It is really sad because I was hoping to spend a nice weekend with Chris. Also, I haven't been able to run this week, so I have lost some training time. Chris still reassures me that I should be ok by our Sept 10th race. Well, the codeine is starting to kick in. Perhaps I will write later.....

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Some countdowns over......some still going

So its been a while since I have posted, but I feel that it is to be expected with all of those things I had as countdowns. Here is an update on those.....
My visit to Little Rock was good. There was a party in Chris's honor hosted by his coworkers as a going away party. It was nice to finally put some faces with names and stories that I have heard. Also, its nice when people recognize that you were part of the team and are leaving (at least in my oppinion.)
My birthday was uneventful. My mom, Sofi, and I went to an amazing restaurant that my mom and I had been to a few times before. It was amazing. They were really nice and actually gave us free tiramisu since it was my birthday - something you do often see restaurants do anymore. We also had 2 other desserts after appetizers, salad and entress, so we all had to be rolled out of there.
Camp being over is awfully sad for me. I really enjoyed it and have never felt so appreciated at any job as at that one. I will still be doing birthday parties so I will still get to vist Emily Oaks.
Chris moved his stuff. It seems to have gone well. Our parents met too which I also think went well.
Started Med School Orientation this week. Lets just say I have been spoiled by the relatively smooth workings of private school and have had my first frustrations with bureacracy. Also, the whole getting to know 200+ people in 4 days doesn't really float my boat. So I will just do what I need to do while being somewhat social and productive. I figure I will have the next few years to get to know my class.

I guess all that is left on my countdown is the white coat ceremony on Saturday and the beginning of classes on Monday. Its hard to believe that so much has happended in the past month. On a sad note - not as much knitting has occured as I would have liked :(. But I did some today and hope to do a little bit - even if just 30 minutes every day. I did get some money for yarn for my birthday from my mom and it arrived yesterday. I can't wait to finish my bathing suit so that I can start!!!