Saturday, June 25, 2005

Been So Long

So it has been a while since my last post, and I highly doubt that I could even begin to consider my last post a true post, since it was just a survey. But anything, a lot has happened which has kept me busy.
Las Vegas -
I went to Las Vegas for a family friend's 21st birthday. We kind of grew up together and it's weird to realize that we are all growing/grown up. Vegas is Vegas and is always interesting. Unfortunately, as soon as I got back, I started work the very next morning. Which brings me to:
Work -
I am spending my summer as a camp counselor in Skokie at Emily Oaks Nature Center. I absolutely love it and could barely be happier. My first week was just a rules and procedure week and getting to know the staff. I think its a great group of people and a great place. The only thing is that there are snakes at Emily Oaks, which I can't stand. So hopefully, I won't come across any this summer. I am also leading some birthday parties there on the weekend for extra hours which will help out with spending money during the year. We just finished our second week with kids, so I have 2 more weeks with this group, then 4 weeks with a new group a kids. Immediately after that, I start orientation for school.
School -
I found out yesterday that I was accepted for a brand new curriculum dedicated to urban medicine. I don't know a whole lot about it, but I am excited nonetheless. I should find out more later this summer, but its nice to know that I am in a smaller group which I hope will help me not get lost in the bureaucracy of a public university which I have yet to experience. I have also received a scholarship which not only helps with my debt, but I feel will also help me with this not getting lost thing. Also, last night I actually registered for classes. I don't get to choose my own classes, but we are asked to register before orientation. Anyhow, it still doesn't feel real. I think it will feel real once I finally sign my loan papers.
Church -
I think that I have found a new church home. It is Church of the Epiphany. It is interesting because there isn't a Vestry, but a Bishop's committee. Also, there isn't a rector, but a Priest-Developer. It is a community going through restoration, both of the building and of the congregation. It is a mixed congregation, which is what I was looking for, and is only 5 minutes away by car, if that, which is a bonus. So far I feel welcomed by the community and am looking forward to continuing to grow there.
Chris -
Chris and I have a better idea of when he is moving now and I can't wait. It will be wonderful to be in the same place again after almost two years of being long distance! Can't wait until he comes!!
Knitting -
Well there hasn't been much of that lately. I have though finished a bathmat which turned out better than expected. I still need to finish 3 decorator pillows before I can start my next projects. There are a couple I have in mind including a swimsuit, a felted computer bag, a belt, a going out top, and a fun scarf. Okay, off to knit now:)

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Mike tagged here goes....

How Many Books Do You Own? Not quite sure....I've become a big fan of the library, I donate, trade, and resell books, even though I read a bunch, I would probably say only about 50.

What is the last book you bought? 3o minute meals - a cookbook

What is the last book you read? I'm hoping to finish Anthony and Cleopatra this evening.

Name 5 Books that mean a lot to you. Following Mike's lead, I'm going to assume the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer not to be included in the list.....

1. A Child Called It
2. The Five People You Meet in Heaven
3. Don't Sweat the Small Things, and they are All Small Things
4. Traback Family Recipes (family made)
5. Matilda

Now "tag" five individuals to provide their own lists. Hmmmm.. do 5 people read this?? I only know 2 besides Mike for sure Chris and Emily. Just found out a 3rd, so tag to Cecily too!