Friday, April 29, 2005

I am Moving!!

So the big day is finally arrived......or will arrive tomorrow. I am pretty much packed, but can't believe how much stuff I actually have. Especially after I have thrown out so much. I lose my internet later this morning, so I wanted to take advantage of my last post for a while. I will be without intenet until at least Monday, and then I will setting up my condo, so posting will probably be not much until I am a bit set up in my new place.
I possibly have jury duty next week. It is possibly because I am an alternate, and won't know if I have to go until the night before. I think it is funny that I have been pulled in Chicago and not in St. Louis since I have only voted in St. Louis. But then again, its by registration and not actual voting, but I still think its odd.
Okay, have to actually pack, so hopefully I will post early in the week.
Oh by the way - finished knitting projects - a purse and cell phone holder for my mom for mother's day. They are adorable.
OTN - pillow case for my decorator pillows - totally obnoxious to knit, but really neat looking.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Chris and I - Opening Weekend

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Its Been A While

So its been a while since I have actually published anything at all, but I really have been busy. So in the past two weeks, I officially now have a condo to call my very own. Well actually, my mom owns it, but its for me, so I have a condo. Last weekend, I drove home after my mom closed and started moving stuff in. We also made a huge debt in my wallet at Ikea buying a bunch of things that I needed. Somehow though, we managed to get it all to fit in my little Elantra with just two shelves up on the roof. Don't think I could ever manage it again though. Next weekend is the official move to Chicago which has me feeling excited, scared, stressed, and a bunch of other emotions that I can't even put my finger on. My mom is being super cute about it all though and extremely helpful.
On a sad note, I found out that I didn't get the full scholarship that I was hoping for. I applied for another one too, so there is still some hope, but I am starting to try to figure out other ways to pay for medical school. Putting it all in prospective though, I don't have any undergraduate loans, so I could already be in debt, but I'm not. I am applying for some small schoalrships now, so hopefully that ill defray some of the debt.
Today was my last day at the dialysis center and I was surprised with a cake. Everyone at work has been super sweet and I am going to miss a lot of them.
I finished knitting my mother a purse for Mother's Day this morning. She knows about the purse, but I have also decided to surpise her with cell phone case. Hopfully she will like it. She saw the purse that I had made for myself and like that one, so I am assuming she will like it.
Two weekends ago, Chris and I went to opening weekendat Busch Stadium for the stadium's final season. We are going again this weekend, hopefully they will win this time and improve their home record.
In addition to my packing, I have made 2 sets of curtains and a tablecloth for my condo. I still need to make 6 sets of curtains and some pillows. I have a whole month before I start my summer job though, so I don't expect to finish that all before I move. I also have a bunch of knitting projects waiting to be started, but those aren't my first priority, but I certainly can't wait to start them. Okay thats all for now. I must get back to packing, but postings will probably become regular during May.