Monday, March 28, 2005

A Happy Holy Week

Although last week was busy and I didn't get a whole lot of time to sleep, I had a great Holy Week. Last Sunday, Palm/Passion Sunday, Mike gave the sermon, which was wonderful because I haven't heard him give a sermon in over a year while he was on his sabbatical. I have always liked Mike's sermons. Sunday was also my 3rd anniversary with Chris, and we had a nice time the night before. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, though not necessarily busy were nevertheless productive. I was able to get a good amount of weeding done. Also I did get a rewards credit card which is quite exciting since I am going to have to be buying things for my new condo and it is always cool to get something for nothing (as long as I have a zero balance at the end of every month). Thursday I met with Dr. Miller and am starting to write another abstract for publication/entering into a poster presentation. It is always nice to have something truly productive to work on. Also, it is great experience now and can be helpful for getting a good residency. (Yes I realize that I have yet to actually start my first year of school and I am worried about a residency.) After meeting with Dr. Miller, I went to the Maundy Thursday service at Holy Communion. It was a good service and I had a great opportunity to spend time with people that I wouldn't ordinarily spend time with. Holy Communion is definitely a place that I will miss when I move to Chicago. It has been a wonderful community for me to be a part of.

Good Friday, I went to Good Friday services, but also got a lot of weeding done. I would actually venture to say that I am almost done with the weeding process and purely have packing left. I also got a bunch of my books that I don't need anymore up on, so hopefully someone will buy them. Saturday, after working, I went and met the newest members of my pledge-family, my great-granddaughters. They seem to be great girls. I also got to see Amee and Blythe who I haven't really gotten to talk to in a while. Saturday evening I babysat Ellie, maybe for the last time, but it was wonderful to see her. She still needs to grow a whole lot, but she seems to be getting more help now. Once again, I also did more weeding and packing. Also interestingly, on Saturday, I wore my pink sweater that I made and got a bunch of compliments. That was definitely a bit of a confidence boost.

Then yesterday, Easter Sunday, I went to morning services at Holy Communion, then went to an ECM brunch at Rockwell House. This was probably my last event with ECM which is kind of a weird thought. After that, I went to dinner with Lindsay at the Stansbery home. It was a great experience and I was so thankful to be included in their Easter Dinner. After dinner, Marylen went me go through her yarn stash that she is giving away before she moves. I felt like I was in a yarn store/knitter's heaven. I found a whole bunch of great yarn that I think I can make 4-5 projects out of. It definitely pulled me out of the depressing thought that I wasn't going to purchase any yarn for a while because I have to save money. Now I know that I don't have to and won't run out of projects. (At the rate I have been knitting, running out of projects was definitely becoming a concern.) After that, Lindsay and I hung out and just caught up which was great because she is another person that though I have seen her recently, we just haven't really gotten a chance to catch up with each other.

All in all I would say it was a good week. There were some frustrations in there too....a scholarship scare (which I think has been averted), roommate frustrations as always, serious finishing issues with my pink sweater (that has finally been completed though), and frustrations about the Schiavo case and serious thoughts about drawing up my own living will though I am only 21 (but I am happy with the stance the courts have taken). Since I think my scholarship scare was adverted today, it looks like the beginning of another week with a trip to Ikea at the end!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


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This is my second sweater. I think it is a more spring sweater, and I definitely like this one better than the first, but I haven't tried it on yet, so hopefully it will fit.


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This was my second knitting project. At first I didn't like it, but it is most definitely growing on me.


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This was my first big knitting pattern - yes I know, a sweater is a big project, but I can actually wear it :)


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Here is Chris and I at the Melting Pot for our anniversary dinner. I think we make a cute couple:)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Really.......I've been productive

So I know its been a while since I've written, but a whole lot has been going on. Here is an update in my life since March 10th.....

Chris visited - This past weekend, Chris was in town for our 3rd anniversary. I can't believe its been 3 years. We were together for most of my college life. Kind of wierd when I think about it. We had a good time hanging out on Saturday and went to dinner at Melting Pot - we hadn't been there in a while. The only bad thing was I waited too long to make our reservations, and we didn't have reservations until 9, then they were running late. We didn't get home untill 12 - which is extremely late now by our standards since we act like 70 year olds when it comes to bed times. It was a great weekend.

Moving - my moving seems to become more and more official every day. I have complete all the forms required before registration for UIC in July - a big weight off my shoulders. I have actually hired movers and placed a deposit. I almost died when I found out the price - but its not like I have a truck handy or an entourage thats going to move me - so I guess in the long run its worth it. I bought a new shower head and a shower curtain to make my bathroom a bit more me. I have a job interview for the summer - so cross your fingers. And I have started making my plans for leaving work here in St. Louis. I have also canceled my cable and scheduled the disconnection and gotten prices for when cable/phone/internet in Chicago. Now that I have an income possibility, I feel much better. All financials are in order for the actual condo on my mom's side - so thats good.

Knitting - my 2nd sweater is almost done - though I almost died last night. I only had one seam left to sew last night when I realized that on the front of the sweater, in the middle of the piece I had reversed the right and wrong side. So I had to unsew all the pieces (I almost went blind), unknit part of the piece and reknit it correctly. Tonight, I am hoping to finish sweing the pieces back together again. But, it is a pretty sweater, I must say and when I had started sewing it before, it looked like the pieces all matched up - so thats good. Perhaps I will be modeling that sweater when it warms up a bit.

My Computer - my lovely little ibook didn't want to update recently, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. But the helpful people at Apple had published information on my exact problem, with everything I needed to do, so last night I followed the instructions and updated my computer with all of the updates from the past year. Definitely have a much smoother computer now. :) :) I am currently much happier about that. I thought I had to buy a new operating system, but now I am assured that I only have to if I want to.

Thats about it for now......perhaps if I get time soon I will be able to write about something I think is really important.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Woo Hoo for the Aspirin Study

This week, I want to give kudos to the medical community for doing the aspirin study for women. I am so excited that this study was done acknowledging the fact that women aren't just smaller versions of men. Hopefully women will head to their doctors' offices and have that conversation about what changes they need to make in order to take care of themselves.
Here is a link to the NPR story.
Recap of the story:
Aspirin regimens don't help middle age women reduce risk of heart attacks, but it does help reduce strokes. Aspirin does help older women reduce risk of heart attacks. Doctor should be consulted before starting aspirin regimen.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Much Accomplished

I haven't written for a while, but I have been quite a busy girl. In the last two weeks, many exciting things have occured. Here is a brief rundown with some elaboration to follow........

1) I drove to Chicago and saw what might soon become my condo and drove back to St. Louis.
2) I got really, really sick..............though not contagious (I don't think)
3) I applied for a bunch of jobs in Chicago - hopefully one will pan out.
4) I met a primate - Archbishop Ndungane. Primate of South Africa.
5) I had dinner with Archbishop Ndungane.
6) My little dog died..........he was like 16 years old.
7) I got even sicker, but went to the doctor and got antibiotics.
8) I bought more yarn to the dismay of my bank account
9) Chris visited :)
10) I finished knitting my purse.
11) I started knitting another sweater with my new fabulous yarn.
12) I have slowly started packing for my move to Chicago.

Condo -
So I am really excited about the condo. I am just sad that the cost of living in Chicago is so expensive. It is small, but it will be a great starter place and will likely be a great investment. I have spent time researching appliances and picking out colors. If things go through, I'll be fabric shopping this weekend to make curtains for the absolutely gorgeous windows.

Sick -
Nothing really to write home about. It is the first time I have truly been sick in a while though. My doctor thinks it was the kittens at home. Its hard to be allergic to cats when I love them so much. Especially when they like to cuddle.

Jobs -
No news yet, but I am optimistic. If worst comes to worst, when I get back to Chicago I will apply for waitressing jobs. I can't do that now because you have to apply in person.

Primate -
Meeting Archbishop Ndungane was totally amazing. I went to a presentation that he and Mike Kinman gave and then had dinner with him the following evening. It was truly amazing to talk to him. He is funny and modest and from the brief interactions I had with him a truly wonderful person. He doesn't like Chicago accents though, which I found out before I actually began speaking with him. He mainly spoke about the problems with A.I.D.S in South Africa and about the Millenial Goals. For more information about those, see Mike's blog and also the One petition on the side of my blog. Also, with everything going on in the Anglican community, it was interesting to hear his oppinion of how the recent primate's meeting. Here is a picture of Lindsay, the Archbishop, and me.

My Dog -
Not much to say here. He was an important part of the family, but he was old and it was his time. The worst part was that this was the last animal my aunt knew, so it was hard seeing him go.

Chris -
Since I was sick, and Chris had a really long few past weeks, we were both tired and didn't do a whole lot. We did go see Hitch, which was really cute and then ate at Stir Crazy - one of our favorite restaurants.

Knitting -
I bought my new yarn at Knitourious. It was cute little store and they were really helpful letting me check my gauge in the store. The yarn is beautiful, but I wasn't expecting to spend so much. With moving, it is probably going to have to be my last yarn purchase for a while. I have decided to do oddball projects with my leftover yarn until its gone and I absolutely have to buy more. I didn't have to buy new needles though, so that was a plus. My purse is growing on me, but isn't really what I expected. I have carried it the past two days and it is holding up - so thats a good sign. The new sweater is moving along quickly - probably too quickly. I should probably be doing more packing/sleeping then knitting, but its always hard to stop.

Packing -
It is looking never ending. I am making a trip to Chicago the week after Easter, so I am hoping to take a bunch then, so that it will be less to deal with during April.

Well, thats it. Maybe I'll have time to write something actually meaningful later in the week. :)