Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Yet Another Busy Week

So it pretty much just seems that the rest of my days in St. Louis are going to be extremely busy. Unless I find a job in Chicago for the summer, that is going to drastically change once I move. Hopefully I will find one though. The search has just begun. Interesting point about jobs in Chicago - it is possible to make $10-$11 an hour to walk dogs for a dog sitting service. What can I say? Thats more than I make now. They are only part time, but that and maybe another part time job could have me set for the summer.

On Friday, my mom put money down on a condo in Chicago, so I am making the drive home this weekend to take a look at it. This however means that I can't work on Saturday and was planning to, so I have to make up my hours yesterday and today. It basically just makes for extremely long days. Also, I have all of my regularly planned activities of work and the lenten book group. But also on Thursday evening, I am running a simulation called In Her Shoes which is a domestic violence simulation. I think it is an amazing simulation, but it is just one more thing to add to my already busy schedule of the week. Hopefully my friend Lindsay will be coming with me and my drive won't be so bad because I won't have to do it by myself. Last weekend I just drove to and from Little Rock, so basically I am spending a lot of time bonding with my car recently.

I am kind of sad to be going to Chicago this weekend for two reasons. One, I can't take my pledge daughter out for drinks like I was planning - she recently turned 21. And Debbie Stoller is coming to St. Louis and will be having an event at Knitourious promoting her new book, Stitch N' Bitch Nation. I have her first book and love it, so would have loved to meet her.

Saturday, Chris and I had lobster for dinner. The most interesting part of it was that we bought live lobster and I cooked it. Definitely an experience. It was an expensive experience, so not something we can do all the time. But it is defintely something I hope to repeat again for another special occasion.

I finished my sweater last week, so I am extremely excited. Even more exciting, I washed and dryed it last night (acrylic yarn) and it held up. So that was amazing. My new project is a purse which I am making a very pretty purple with yarn that I actually found on sale. Its chugging along slowly, but I have been busy and haven't had a whole lot of knitting time since Thursday night when I started. Maybe while the kids are sleeping this week I will get a bit of progress.

There are news stories bothering me lately - but I will comment on them later on when I have more time. Hopefully that will be later today. I can smell lunch now though, so I think that it is time to eat :).

Monday, February 14, 2005

A Case of the Mondays

So I was planning to post on Friday, but that never really happened. I'm not quite sure why I never got around to it except that I was somewhat busy at work and then my flight to Chicago was delayed. As for other things that didn't happen last week, I didn't make it to either knitting group I was planning on attending because I was absolutely exhausted. I did however finish my final sleeve, so now all that remains it putting it together. That might have been completed by now, but brilliant me forgot to bring home a yarn needle or the correct size knitting needles. I will get started to tonight and will hopefully finish later in the week.

Having finally made a medical school decision, my mother and I went condo shopping on Saturday. All I can say is, 'Are studio aparments ever really worth more than $200,000 no matter what the location is?' I certainly don't think so. We did find some prospects though and hopefully they will pan out. Also, now that we know for sure, we can actually work with a real estate agent and find those non-public listings. Also, the x-factors of whether or not I will have a roommate or a scholarship are huge.

Yesterday, being my mother's birthday, we did what my mother loves to do. We went to the casino boats to play the nickel slots with her two good friends. We won!! Defintely a great birthday present for my mom and a great Valentine's present for us all. It took forever to get out there, but it was well worth it.

Today has most certainly been a case of the mondays. Last night I layed out my clothes to wear like a good girl so that today would be an easy morning. One of the kittens at my mom's decided it was his baby and carried away my socks to some unknown location. So you have my mother and I at 6 this morning searching for socks. My yarn got caught in the suitcase zipper so I couldn't zip the suitcase. That still needs to be untangled. Then, I was carrying my suitcase and purse down the stairs and tripped nearly killing myself and the dinning room table which has been in our family since before my mom was born. Then my flight was at 7:45 when I thought it was at 8, so I was running late. Then getting into the car I managed to hit my head on the door - still don't know how I managed that one. Then after rushing to my gate and actually making it on time, they made us sit on the plane for a good 30 minutes because the flight after mine was canceled. They wanted to wait for passengers to get there. I was and am a bit confused and frustrated about that one. Although nothing else has really happened to me, though it did to those I am close to, today really just felt like a Monday.

Well, Happy Valentine's Day to all. This isn't my favorite of holidays. I really don't think we need a day where you are supposed to be romantic with your significant other.......that should happen everyday, or whenever it is spontaneous. And we definitely don't need a day to remind those without significant others that many other people have them. I guess if it is a day for love, and you are celebrating love in all senses of the word thats one thing, but that isn't really the way we celebrate. Also, its just another thing to remind me that I can't be near Chris as often as we would like...............though that will hopefully be chaning late this year.

That's all. I should be leaving work soon and heading to my apartment for the first time today and then heading out again to babysit. I have another busy week ahead of me, though once again the reward at the end of the week is great. I get to see Chris and have a wonderful dinner with him. We are planning to make lobster.........if anyone has any side dish/cooking suggestions please let me know!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Busy Day - Busy Week

Today I am going to exercise restraint and not complain about our fearless leader's decision to double to prescription co-pay that veterans have to pay in an effort to reduce the deficit. Perhaps he should raise taxes on those who can afford it because the tax cuts sure aren't helping the non-wealthy with all these additional costs, but I digress. If interested, here is the link for the article. Bush Budget Raises Drug Prices for Many Veterans.
But anyhow, I feel today for Eagles fans, especially Justin who were so hoping to win last night. I didn't watch the game, but I can only assume the sadness and frustration.
Currently, I am anxiously anticipating my site assignment for medical school, so I am hoping to have a final decision this week. Then comes all the moving preparations and searching for a place to live. Hopefully this will go as smoothly as possible, but there are sure to be a few kinks in the way since I don't know if I will be living with anyone and whether or not I am going to get my full scholarship for school (with a living stipend). Those are two big financial factors....but as my mom said to me on Saturday, things always seem to work out for me, so I am just going to hope for the best and try not to worry.
Lent is quickly approaching, and I have no clue what I am giving up. I really am having a hard time with this, so any suggestions are welcome. It is shaping up to be a very busy week, but I am headed home for my mom's birthday this weekend, so that should be fun. So in addition to my normal work schedule with an additional few hours, I am presenting tonight at RA training and returning my unneed yarn at Hobby Lobby, cooking for a Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner at Rockwell house tomorrow, Ash Wednesday services, and a meeting with my Rector on Wednesday, hopefully two knitting groups, one on Wed and one on Thursday, then flying home Friday night. Wish me luck getting through the week with a bit of sanity. Oh, and I have to figure out how to take meat out of my diet on Friday and replace it with fish.
Well I better get back to work.......hopefully I can write again on Friday.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Knitting Update

I will write comments on my views in this world probably Monday, but today, I think I'll put in a knitting update. Earlier this week, I went to Hobby Lobby to by knitting supplies, and of course the yarn that was onsale was not the yarn I wanted, so I bought expensive yarn and went over my preconceived spending limit. (Yes, I know I got taken. My mom has already informed me.) But today, when browsing a knitters blog, I think I found a cheaper place to buy yarn so I might be making a return on Wednesday on my way to a knitting group since I have managed to save that receipt. But, my sweater is treking along. I have the front and back done, and about a half a sleeve. I need to finish the sleeve, plus make another one, make the neck, and sew seams. Then I will have finished my first huge project. I am pretty excited and might post a picture when its done. My goal is to have it done by the end of the month - that would make the project 2.5 months, although I periodically stop to work on a scarf that seems to be going nowhere, but will gorgeous with my camel coat. I don't think thats terrible considering my crazy schedule and being a very beginning knitter.
My next project is likely to be a purse, or a baby blanket. I would like to do the blanket, but no one I know is expecting, so at the time, it doesn't seem worthwhile. But we shall see. Any suggestions are welcome! Also, it looks like I am going to have a bunch of yarn left over from my sweater, and didn't save a receipt, so if anyone is interested in some Lion Brand Homespun sierra yarn, please let me know. Perhaps we can swap. If worse comes to worse, it would make a great scarf. Even though this week is going to be quite hectic because of Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, presenting at RA training and flying to Chicago, my hope this week is to actually attend a couple of Stich N' Bitch knitting group sessions. Looking forward to knitting with others. Also, I got a new knitting book this week so I am looking forward to having more resources for when I monumentally screw a project up, as I have done several times already with my sweater. Thats about it, I am just happy that I found another way to destress that can be done while watching movies.