Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Post Christmas Wind Down

Here is a wrap up of my 5 days at home for Christmas...
Christmas Eve was spent all day cooking. I truly believe in getting things done the day before to limit the amount of stress that actually occurs on Christmas Day. My new item this year was fudge, which actually came out pretty well for my first try.
This year for Christmas, my mom's cousins came along with their two sons, one son's friend who is new in Chicago and didn't have anywhere to go for the holiday, the other son's girlfriend and son, and a blind friend. Additionally, there was my mom, Sofi, and Sofi's sister and nephew. That rounded out our dinner total at 13. We cooked a bunch of food and had a wonderful dinner. The only true mishap was that the table managed to break in the middle of dinner, but luckily we had two engineers at dinner. The table is over 60 years old, so I think a mishap was allowed. Also, my mom's two kittens were a riot. They chose an ornament towards the top of the tree, climbed the tree and went after it, knocked it down, then climbed back down the tree and chased it around the house. It drove me nuts when we were trying to clean up, but all in all they are absolutely adorable.
The next day Mom and I went and saw Aviator with Babe and I made cheesecake for the family dinner the next. Nothing too exciting. The next day was the day of the family dinner. First we went to go get my oil changed and that was a complete disaster. I have just decided that I don't like that dealership. But then, Mom and I walked next door and she bought a new car. Wasn't exactly expecting that, but she is happy. I can't drive it though because I never learned how to drive a stick. Guess I will learn soon. Then we went to a wake, which usually isn't something to be excited about, but we saw old friends who we haven't seen since I was a freshman in high school. Can't believe that that was 7 years ago. We definitely all grew up. Then we went to my Dad's family dinner. I'd say it was a success, but my Dad definitely created too much work for himself. He decided that he was going to have his 'waiters' take orders and serve everyone. I definitely think that the buffet route is much easier.
Well believe it or not, that wraps up my Christmas trip home. Definitely the shortest Christmas break I have ever had, but I guess that is what happens as you get older.
But this week will be fun getting to celebrate New Year's with Chris. Can't wait!!

Monday, December 06, 2004


As I am frustrated about many things, I keep reminding myself about all of the things for which I am blessed. Here are just a few of them:
1) I have friends and family who all care deeply about me.
2) I have been accepted to several medical schools, which means I will actually be going to medical school next year.
3) I have a roof over my head, food on my table, and access to proper healthcare.
4) I am overall in good health
5) I have had many amazing people enter and touch my life
So when the little things in life start to get me down, such as lack of respect with people whom I come in close contact with, small illnesses here and there, or not getting a full night of sleep every once in a while, I have to remind myself that I am blessed. Unfortunately, I am currently frustrated about my little things, but hopefully I can keep reading this list over and over again to not get too upset. Although I find the holiday season to be a wonderful time to be with friends and family and be thankful for many things, it is still sometime difficult to keep perspective as I deal with the hectic schedule and seemingless endless hassles that accompany the season.
Hopefully I will be in a better mood soon.